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About Library - Quick Look

  • The library acts as a key resource and learning center of the college to meet the information needs of users.
  • “Books allow you to fully explore a topic and immense yourself in a deeper way than most media today”  says Mark Zukerberg, CEO of Facebook.
  • Central library has good collection of books (24,602) which includes subject, technical, life skills, general knowledge, competitive, aptitude and English communication skills and literature. We have SC books 4,275 for sc students.
  • Our reference section includes an excellent collection of language dictionaries, subject dictionaries, subject and technical encyclopedias, hand books, government publications, old question papers, CDs of books and project records.
  • In periodical section, we have subscribed nearly 75 printed journals and 5 news papers.
  • Our Library is fully automated and open access library.  Newgenlib integrated library management software is used for library operations.
  • For detailed information about our library visit our Library Google site “ALIET LIBRARY”



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Assistant Librarian
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Library Staff

Sl.NO Staff Name Designation
1 Mrs.K.SWATHI KIRAN Librarian
2 Mrs.K.MALLIKA Assistant Librarian
3 Mrs.CH.MARY RANI Attender
4 Mr.B.VINOBHA Attender

Library Committee

Sl.NO Name of the Member Designation
1 Fr. Dr. A. Francis Xavier S.J. Director
2 Dr.O.Mahesh Principal
3 Fr.J.Chiranjivi S.J Assistant Director
4 Fr.M.Anand S.J Assistant Director
5 Mrs.K.Swathi Kiran Librarian
6 Ch.Naga Raju HOD-CE
7 Dr.G.Naveen Kumar HOD-EEE
8 Dr.B.V.Sudheer Kumar HOD-ME
9 M.Rama Krishna HOD-ECE
10 Dr.Ch.Rajendra Babu HOD-CSE
11 S.Kishore Babu HOD-IT
12 Y.Sudhakar HOD-S&H


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