Remedial coaching


✤ To help academically weak students understand the concepts

✤ To make the slow learners to acquire knowledge

✤ To enhance their social graces

✤ To strengthen the students’ performance in academics

The institution provides a supporting system to the academically weak students in the form of Remedial Coaching. This coaching is imparted after identifying the students’ performance in the internal and external examinations. The targeted students are given special attention after the college hours and are personally tutored by the faculty members to enhance their performance in their academics.

In R16 Regulations, JNTU-Kakinada introduced Soft Skills as a part of curriculum for I. B. Tech students. It created a platform for the English language teachers to instruct the students about the significance of Soft skills. It has been a regular practice on the part of English language teachers to impart soft skills for all the First B. Tech Students since 2016-17. More over NPTEL Lectures on “Enhancing Personality development and Soft Skills” are screened on the LED projector for the better learning of the concepts.

Remedial coaching

Remedial coaching

Out Come:

This coaching helped to improve the pass percentage of the students. It encouraged them to be more participative in the regular classes and motivated them to enhance their performance in academics.

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