Bridge Courses


✤ To bridge the gap of knowledge between intermediate and B. Tech

✤ To Prepare the students for Technical education

✤ To facilitate the students to learn fundamentals in English, Mathematics, Physics and chemistry.

✤ To impart LSRW skills to the students from vernacular medium

Bridge courses are offered to the I B. Tech students from varied backgrounds. These students face difficulty in understanding the concepts in the beginning. They lack the fundamentals in the subjects like English, Mathematics, and Physics & Chemistry, Engineering Drawing and Engineering Mechanics. Teachers identify the level of the students by conducting oral tests and interactive sessions in the above said subjects. During the orientation time allotted by JNTU-K in the academic calendar, the faculty members take classes in the respective subjects. Though orientation week is not allotted by JNTU- K in the academic year 2018-19, as per AICTE guidelines, the faculty continued the bridge course in the fundamentals. This course is aimed to fill the gap of knowledge in the minds of the students for better understanding of the concepts.

In addition to this, the department of English organized English Enhancement programme to meet the requirements of the first year students who come from vernacular medium. It brought a remarkable revolution in learning English. In the year 2014-15 the department of English took special classes to the students from vernacular medium in different areas like grammar, vocabulary building, everyday conversations and writing skills. In 2015-16, Teachers from ALCAA School were appointed on a part time basis to develop communication competency of the students. In both the cases, classes are conducted from 4pm-5pm. Attendance is taken by the teacher concerned according to the regular class timetable.

Bridge courses

Bridge courses

Out Come:

These bridge courses provided a plat for the students to understand the essentials of engineering education and filled the gap of knowledge between Intermediate education and Engineering education. On completion of this course, students learned the fundamental concepts and prepared themselves for the technical education.

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