Yoga and Meditation


✤ To make the students know the importance of Yoga and Meditation

✤ To help the students to be health conscious

✤ To make them attain physical and mental well being

✤ To make them reach to the level of emotional stability

Yoga imparts life skills to students. Students improve flexibility, balance, endurance and physical strength by practicing yoga every day. Meditation helps the students to keep the mind sharp and clear. It relieves stress and improves overall well- being. ALIET organizes Yoga and Meditation classes for the fresh and young B. Tech graduates to develop confidence for the better performance in their academics. In the academic year 2018-19, a three week programme on Yoga and Meditation was organized to I. B. Tech Students. Ms. T. Sirisha, a skilled Yoga trainer, motivated the students to practice yoga and meditation to attain physical and psychological well-being. On the whole, 304 students got benefited by this training.

Yoga And Meditation

Yoga And Meditation

Yoga And Meditation

Yoga And Meditation

Out Come:

This training proved to be very beneficial to the students to improve their concentration levels and maintain health and hygiene both physically and psychologically.

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