Personal Counselling


✤ To make the students overcome stress

✤ To facilitate them to conquer their psychological problems

✤ Guiding them to choose their career

✤ Counsel them to overcome phobia, peer pressure and anxiety of performance make them better human beings

The College provides Personal Counselling to the students to form them as potential qualified personnel. The institution introduced Mentoring in the year 2015- 16, which paved a way to personal counselling. ALIET believes that “Every plant needs nurturing and every student needs Mentoring”. This innovation proved successful in building one-to-one relationship between the teacher and the student. Each mentor is allotted with twenty students and they constantly track the students’ progression in all the areas like academics, physical and psychological growth. Mentor-Mentee interactive session is conducted every month. The students who are suffering from personal and academic challenges are personally counselled by the mentors to help them overcome their problems. In addition to this the institution appointed a qualified Personal Counsellor named Dr. G. Krishna Rao from the academic year 2017-18. This skilled counsellor of the college addresses the needs of the students who undergo extreme depression, stress, psychological problems and other social issues.

In R16 Regulations, JNTU-Kakinada introduced Soft Skills as a part of curriculum for I. B. Tech students. It created a platform for the English language teachers to instruct the students about the significance of Soft skills. It has been a regular practice on the part of English language teachers to impart soft skills for all the First B. Tech Students since 2016-17. More over NPTEL Lectures on “Enhancing Personality development and Soft Skills” are screened on the LED projector for the better learning of the concepts.

Out Come:

Personal counseling to students made them feel free from peer pressure, develop self-confidence, overcome psychological problems and phobia. It helped them to become better in their academic performance

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